New Azerbaijan Party is the party of past, present and future!

Ilham Aliyev was re-elected President of the Republic of Azerbaijan with 84.54 % of votes as the result of the presidential election of 2013.

The presidential election of October 9, 2013 was the seventh official election to the post of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Overall, ten candidates raced at the election. Chairman of the New Azerbaijan Party, Ilham Aliyev, was nominated as the candidate of the party. Voter turnout was 72.31 % (3,232,259 citizens) in the election. Chairman of the New Azerbaijan Party, Ilham Aliyev, was re-elected President of the Republic of Azerbaijan by winning vast majority – 84.54 % of the votes in the free and democratic elections.

Victory in the elections is the result of a successful and purposeful election campaign. Election campaign of the NAP was realized stage-by-stage based on a schedule prepared and approved before the start of the campaign. For more successful campaigning special teams consisting of MP’s of the NAP from regions and distinguished intellectuals, scholars, artists, athletes and others who are influential in their birthplaces despite of living in the capital were created and sent to regions. Besides promotional rallies, gatherings, marches and other events carried out by district (city) party organizations, the NAP organized 56 rallies-concerts and summits that covered most of the administrative districts and hundreds of thousands of voters.

In general, about 2 000 gatherings that covered all regions of Azerbaijan were held during the NAP’s election campaign. Almost 2 million voters participated at those events.

Individual work with voters was carried out in accordance with modern demands, and mobile groups whose campaigning based on the principle of “from door-to-door” were created. In order to regulate and make their activities more operative and effective memory books and observation sheets were printed and distributed. Necessary steps were taken to promote and publicize election program of the New Azerbaijan Party’s candidate on media as well.

Thus, Azerbaijani people voted for the nation’s fate for the next five years, once again expressed their trust and confidence in Mr. President Ilham Aliyev and elected their strong leader for strong Azerbaijan during the October 9, 2013 election. In this election which marked the triumph of democracy Azerbaijani people expressed their will freely and transparently, and President of every Azerbaijani, Ilham Aliyev, once again proved that he is the political heir of the national leader Heydar Aliyev and the greatest successor of the greatest Azerbaijani.

Both international experts and foreign mass media outlets declared the presidential elections in Azerbaijan as compatible with international standards, free and transparent, and once again admitted our country’s improvements on human rights and freedoms. Of course, these are a part of the concept of development of modern Azerbaijan that was determined by great leader Heydar Aliyev and is realized by President Ilham Aliyev. Our people once again demonstrated their trust and support for President Ilham Aliyev, a devoted follower of the national leader’s policies.