New Azerbaijan Party is the party of past, present and future!

Membership to the party is individual. Each citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan reached the age of 18, accepting the Party's Charter and Program, irrespective of their religion, language, social and ethnic origin, by except of persons the membership of whose in political party is prohibited by the Constitution, could be party's member. Admission to the party is carried out on the basis of personal application and decision of a primary organization.

A membership certificate on the same pattern is to be submitted to NAP's member.

The party's member has following rights:

- to elect and be elected to party's authorities;

- to participate freely in determination of the party's policies and in discussions of questions related to its activities;

- to take part in measures carried out by the party;

- to submit proposals for realization of party's goals and tasks;

- to use the party's support;

- to discuss and criticize freely all questions related to the party's policies and all practical activities of its organs;

- to express his/her own opinion before or after the adoption of a decision;

- to study in necessary cases all party documents, including financial documents;

- to suspend his/her membership in the party or to leave it.

The case of leaving party by a NAP member is to be considered on the basis of the member's personal application. The application should be discussed in the primary party organization and written information should be submitted to higher organs.

The party member's responsibilities are the following:

- to render assistance in realization of the party's policy by his/her practical activity;

- to carry out the main principles of the party;

- to observe the party Program provisions and to carry out an activity according to its organizational principles;

- to participate actively in the party's work, to implement the party's assignments;

- to take care of the party's reputation, to propagate its ideas, to observe the party discipline;

- to pay the membership fee in the determined order.

The party's members are obliged to carry out all provisions of its Charter and to fulfill resolutions of its authorities. If these requirements were not met, the primary party organization and party's other authorities could take disciplinary measures in their regard, including removal of them from party membership.

Decision on removal of a NAP member from party membership is to be adopted by primary party organization. The decision of primary party organization is to be come to force after its confirmation by the Board of district (city) organization.

Members of the NAP elected to the higher party organs could be removed from the party membership only by consent of these organs.

Decision on removal of members of district (city) party organization's Council should be approved by the Board of the NAP.

The person removed from the party membership can appeal to Central Control - Revision Commission (CCRC) during one month period. CCRC considers the application of the plaintiff during two months period and approves or cancels the decision on removal.