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Criminal cases to be launched against “observers” at “elections” in Nagorno-Karabakh

The acts of some marginal political faces, calling themselves “observers” at the illegal “ parliamentary elections” in Azerbaijan’s territories occupied by Armenia, will be regarded as a gross violation of Azerbaijani laws and the launch of criminal cases against those persons isn’t ruled out, spokesman of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry Hikmet Hajiyev said.

He said the holding of the illegal “parliamentary elections” by the illegal regime, created in the Azerbaijani territories occupied by Armenia, is a grave violation of the Azerbaijani constitution, laws and international legal norms and principles.

“The corresponding statement was made by the country’s foreign ministry on February 27, 2015,” he said, adding that Azerbaijan’s constitution and its laws are a basis for the legitimate expression of will through elections on the country’s territory.

“Ignoring the OSCE Minsk Group’s call to start the work on the great peace agreement, Armenia carries out provocations calling them "elections", which is aimed at creating obstacles to the negotiation process and at concealing the fact of occupation and aggression against Azerbaijan,” he stressed.

“The world community condemns these illegal “elections” and expresses support for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan within its internationally recognized borders,” Hajiyev added. “The OSCE Minsk Group’s co-chairs, in their statement on April 30, reiterated that they don’t recognize the so-called elections.”

The act of some marginal politicians, self-declared themselves “observers” at the illegal “elections” to be held in occupied Azerbaijani territories will be regarded as a violation of Azerbaijani laws because their activities serve promotion of the consequences of the aggression and occupation against Azerbaijan and the bloody ethnic cleansing carried out against its people. These sorts of self-declared “observers” who illegally visit the occupied territories, grossly breaking the law of the Republic of Azerbaijan, will likely to face criminal prosecution, just as in the case of Slovakian national František Mikloško. Investigative operational actions against František Mikloško continue, he has been put on Interpol’s search list.