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Azerbaijani Presidential Aide for Public and Political Affairs meets Israeli media representatives

The Azerbaijani President`s Aide for Public and Political Affairs Ali Hasanov has met Israeli mass media representatives. 

Mr. Hasanov provided an insight into successes achieved in public, political, cultural life of Azerbaijan, as well as the country`s foreign and domestic policy, and Azerbaijani-Israeli relations.

The Presidential Aide said Azerbaijani-Israeli ties were based on strategic partnership, adding “on this basis we build relationship with Israeli government bodies, NGOs and the mass media”.  

Mr Hasanov highlighted the role of the Jewish community in the country and the Azerbaijani community in Israel in developing the ties between the two countries. He said: “Over the centuries, the Jews have lived in Azerbaijan in an atmosphere of friendship and mutual confidence. Synagogues are built and repaired by the government in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is one of the few countries in the world where the government builds religious, public, cultural and social facilities for its citizens. There is a great respect to representatives of all the religions in Azerbaijan, and tolerance has deep roots in the country.”  

Mr. Hasanov expressed confidence that Israeli media representatives would witness hospitality in every place of Azerbaijan.

The Presidential Aide also answered questions of the journalists.

Director General of “Israel-Azerbaijan” International Association Lev Spivak praised the conditions created for the Jewish community in Azerbaijan.