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Azerbaijan, Ukraine expand parliamentary ties

Members of the Ukraine-Azerbaijan inter-parliamentary relations Working Group at the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine have met with their colleagues at the MilliMajlis of Azerbaijan Republic.
EldarIbrahimov, head of the Azerbaijan-Ukraine inter-parliamentary relations Working Group in MilliMajlis spoke of historical roots of the friendly and fraternal relations between Azerbaijan and Ukraine. According to him, the economic, political, cultural ties between the two countries develop intensively. In strengthening of these relations, Ibrahimov stressed, the inter-parliamentary contacts play notable role. Ukraine and Azerbaijan are strategic partners, he underlined. Both countries support each other within the international organizations.
Roman Nasirov, head of the inter-parliamentary relations Working Group at the Verkhovna Rada, expressed satisfaction with the current level of inter-parliamentary relations and close cooperation between the legislative bodies of both countries. According to him, the current visit of parliamentarians will promote wider development of bilateral relations. Nasirov also expressed his pleasure with the economic successes Azerbaijan reached last years.
The parliamentarians focused on a number of other issues of mutual interest.