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“Azerbaijani Village” opens in Paris, Azerbaijani first lady Mehriban Aliyeva attended the ceremony

The “Azerbaijani Village” organized by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation at the Place Saint-Sulpice opened in Paris with the participation of first lady, President of the Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva.

The “Azerbaijani Village” will host various exhibitions on the history, culture, tourism of Azerbaijan. The main aim of opening the village is to have Azerbaijan recognized internationally, ensure that such promotion events could continue in the future in France and its capital.

Speaking at the event, mayor of the 6th arrondissement of Paris Jean-Pierre Lecoq noted that Paris residents would be able to get substantial information about Azerbaijan and its rich culture during 10 days. He said a number of events had been held in recent years at the initiative of the first lady of Azerbaijan.

Addressing the opening ceremony, First lady Mehriban Aliyeva pointed out that projects implemented in France play an important role in promotion of Azerbaijani history, culture and art.

She underlined that Azerbaijan places huge emphasis on bilateral relations with France. Aliyeva noted that such events help build ties among NGOs, business sector.

According to her, Azerbaijan and France have established cooperation in a variety of fields including transport, space industry, wine-making and others. Azerbaijan is France`s biggest trade partner in the South Caucasus with over 50 French companies operating in the country.

Aliyeva stressed the “Azerbaijani village” will tell a story of Azerbaijan`s past, present and future, history, culture, art and music. It will present traditional and classic music, jazz concerts, dance ensembles.