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Ryan Windsor: “Azerbaijan is strategically important to Europe”

“Azerbaijan is strategically important to Europe, The Caucasus and other regions and I believe this importance will only increase due to the innovative plans to expand pipelines across the region,” Ryan Windsor, the member of the I Eurointegration International Youth Forum and Baku World Forum of Young Scientist, Director of Keystone Development Trust, Founder of Windsor Property Investments, said in his interview to the Interfax agency.
He said that he believes Azerbaijan as a country has very good economic prospects its has a very strong oil and gas industry and it’s government is investing heavily in the youth of the country which will ultimately impact the economy far more then oil and gas and for longer.
“I perhaps have known Azerbaijan first for another reason than oil and gas and that reason is the people and culture, warm and welcoming and very tolerant I have been to Azerbaijan, Baku twice the first time for the first youth forum on euro-integration and the second for the Baku world forum of young scientist and researchers. Each time I find myself wishing I could stay longer as I feel so welcome.
Also being an Entrepreneur and always looking for new investments and business opportunities it is fantastic to see so many passionate young people focused on achieving their full potential whether that be academic or professional.
Azerbaijan is a key player for sure and the policies to not rely on one provider is fueling demand to seek alternative partners. Azerbaijan’s experience, location and resources place it in a very good position to do this and work that has already happen more and more contracts should appear using alternative energy suppliers rather than just one big one.
I think from the governments view the estimation would be high it recognises the importance of Azerbaijan and should see how this importance will only grow in time. There are many experiences and potential collaborations we can partner on and with the huge investment is human capital in Azerbaijan these collaborations should only happen more frequently,” Ryan Windsor added.
Touching upon the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict he said: “Unfortunately I am not very aware of the situation,  I have spoke to many Azerbaijani’s about the trouble and heard their views but once I am back in the UK there seems to be a lack of information appearing on our national news shows. I would say that this information is important and should be looked at more”.