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The intellectual layer of our society united in the New Azerbaijan Party

Interview with  Chairperson of the YAP Women Council, member of the party`s Board of Directors Nurlana Aliyeva

Q: How do you assess the government`s policy on women?

A: The government of Azerbaijan is pursuing a successful policy on women. The growing role of women in the socio-political life of Azerbaijan is one of the most remarkable achievements of the Azerbaijani statehood. This achievement is based on rich traditions of respect to women in Azerbaijan, and the successful policy of the leadership of the country.

The foundations of the women policy in Azerbaijan were laid by national leader Heydar Aliyev. Since its founding, this policy has always served to increase women`s role in the country`s socio-political life, ensure their presence in all layers of the society and other goals. Back in the Soviet era national leader Heydar Aliyev took very important steps to increase women`s socio-political activity, their improvement in education and professional career. The national leader breathed a fresh air into this strategy after returning to power in Azerbaijan in 1993. And the New Azerbaijan Party, which was founded in 1992, became the place, where women, who were eager to contribute to national unity, came together. Azerbaijani women unanimously supported the political strategy of national leader Heydar Aliyev. They started to join the New Azerbaijan Party in large numbers, which was a vivid evidence of their confidence in national leader Heydar Aliyev.

In 1998, the national leader signed an Executive Order on the establishment of the State Committee for Women`s Problems. The move is considered a remarkable historic decision towards strengthening the role of women in society.

I would also like to say that today President Ilham Aliyev is successfully continuing this policy. Solving women`s problems has been among key priorities in the President`s policy during his tenure.

Q: We would like to know your opinion on the multifaceted and effective work of president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, UNESCO and ISESCO Goodwill Ambassador, MP Mehriban Aliyeva towards solving women`s problems.

A: I want to highlight the activity of President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, MP, UNESCO and ISESCO goodwill ambassador Mehriban Aliyeva. Her activity is an example for every Azerbaijani woman.

The problem of gender balance is in the spotlight of the whole world. UN, Council of Europe and other international organizations are very sensitive towards advocating women`s rights. Today, leader of the Azerbaijan women`s movement, President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, MP, UNESCO and ISESCO goodwill ambassador Mehriban Aliyeva is able to contribute to global issues. At her initiative, major projects concerning healthcare, children`s health, education are being implemented in the country.

I would also like to praise Mehriban Aliyeva`s role in promoting Azerbaijan`s culture, arts, music in the world.

Q: The New Azerbaijan Party groups many intellectual women employed in various areas. How do you asses the party`s women policy? How would you explain women`s flow to the party?

A: I would like to note that on June 7, 2013, Mehriban Aliyeva was elected deputy chairwoman of the New Azerbaijan Party, which was a signal of strong respect to a woman in Azerbaijan in the person of Mrs. Aliyeva. This stimulated Azerbaijani women to join the New Azerbaijan Party. Because women once again realized that being a member of the New Azerbaijan Party is honor and pride.

as of January 1, 2014 women make 45.7 percent of the total members of the New Azerbaijan Party. The figure is 283,269 out of 620,371 people. Of them 971 are PhD candidates, and 296 are PhDs in different areas, including education, healthcare, science, culture, arts, and management.

If several years ago women made just three or four percent of the workers in local self-governance bodies, today this figure is 30 percent. There are several chairwomen of municipalities in the country. Moreover, there are 19 women members of the Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Q: The Women Council of the New Azerbaijan Party is carrying out considerable work to solve women`s problems, increase their activity in public issues, politics and science. We would like you to provide an insight into the activities of the Council.

A: The Women Council of the New Azerbaijan Party has done great job to solve problems of women in Azerbaijan so far. These measures covered both capital Baku and regions of the country. They included humanitarian campaigns aimed at helping people in need, public and political events, meeting with soldiers on the frontline, healthcare campaigns, and etc. Members of the Women`s Council have repeatedly visited homes for the disabled and old people, orphanages, boarding schools.

We face several very important tasks. The most significant of them is preserving women`s physical and mental health. The government of Azerbaijan is carrying out relevant social programs aimed at preserving the citizens` health. As representatives of the Women Council of the New Azerbaijan Party we are also tirelessly working to make our own contribution to this.

As far as mental health of women is concerned, this is based on the issues of school, education and brining up. Our representatives have held several awareness-raising campaigns and events in regions of the country to stress the importance of education, gender equality.

And we will spare no efforts to contribute to strengthening the role of women in the Azerbaijani society.