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Human rights and freedoms are excellently ensured in Azerbaijan

Interview with  Member of the MIlliMajlis Nariman Aliyev

Q: Azerbaijan socio-economic development is continuing. What factors lay behind the success of this policy?

A: Azerbaijan is developing at a rapid pace, and all spheres of life in the country are hit by serious changes. And surely it is successful policy which lies behind these achievements. Thanks to successful socio-economic policy a firm legislative base was ensured in the country for market economy, market institutions emerged. 

As President Ilham said innovative economy can be built only through modernizing economy.

According to the head of state, there are important issues on our agenda. Activities on further enhancing Azerbaijan’s potential, expanding the competitiveness of the economy, building a modern society, and improving the well-being of our society.The advantage of the economic policy pursued in Azerbaijan is the fact that all the activities are carried out on the basis of the country’s real potential, best international practices and specific programs. Experience shows that the application of state-of-the-art technologies is one of the key preconditions of a competitive economy. For this reason, innovation is extensively used not only in the economy but also all other areas.

Q: We would like to know your opinion about socio-economic development of the regions…

A: When the first state program was adopted the primary goal was to ensure all-round development of the regions and eliminate the gap in the level of development between the capital and the rest of the country. The adoption of two state programs, the signing and implementation of hundreds of resolutions in addition to the two programs created a watershed in the regions and changed the socioeconomic landscape of our districts beyond recognition. As a result, the quality of public services and social infrastructure in the regions has substantially improved, the business environment has become more favorable, investment has increased, thousands of new enterprises have been commissioned and more than one million jobs have been created.

Supporting entrepreneurship is one of the main priorities of the Azerbaijani government. Azerbaijan has determined the main principles regulating the relations between the country and entrepreneurs. The number of entrepreneurs is increasing rapidly; competitive enterprises are opening on the basis of cutting edge technologies; more investments are being made in the economy due to the reforms carried out in accordance with the current requirements, the state programs and large-scale infrastructure projects covering different areas, the consistent work in the area of sustainable improvement of the business and investment sphere, and state care of the private sector development.

Q: You are a member of the MilliMajlis Human Rights Committee. How do you assess the situation with human rights and freedoms in the country?

A: Azerbaijan is a democratic and constitutional state. Today, hundreds of media outlets including TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, internet resources are functioning in Azerbaijan. Both the country’s legislation and existing environment totally guarantee free operations of the media. Developing freedom of speech and press, upgrading facilities at media outlets, improving social security of journalists, solving problems of media are priorities of the state policy.

There are all freedoms in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is building a democratic society. The conduct of economic reforms along with political reform, of course, will determine the future of our country. Azerbaijan has secured freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of political activity, freedom of assembly and freedom of conscience.  Azerbaijan is a country where there is free Internet

Azerbaijan cooperates with international organizations, individual countries in bilateral and multilateral formats very successfully, and it is distinguished by its activities in forming global and regional policy and determining the political agenda. Azerbaijani authorities pursue independent foreign policy based on the interests of our people and are distinguished by their position in the international arena.

Q: However, some external forces have taken a biased approach to Azerbaijan. What can you say of this?

A:Independent Azerbaijan is a young state, but despite this, it is able to defend its interests and was able to take its rightful place in the world. As a result of economic independence, political independence has been secured too. Today Azerbaijan plays a role in foreign policy not only in the region but also globally. The processes taking place within the country are further strengthening it. Reforms carried out in Azerbaijan in recent years, infrastructure projects that have been implemented and the resolution of social issues have significantly strengthened our country.

At the same time, we need to build all policies so as to achieve the sustainable development of the country, since large forces are acting against Azerbaijan worldwide today. First and foremost, of course, the Armenian lobby is campaigning against Azerbaijan, engages in regular activities to blacken and tarnish our country, and creates a distorted view about Azerbaijan.