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Interview with  Director General of Aztelekom Mahammad Mammadov

Q: The year 2014 is nearing its end. How would you evaluate the country`s development since regaining independence?

A: Azerbaijan`s consistent development concept is associated with national leader Heydar Aliyev. The great leader attached particular importance to developing all spheres of life, particularly information and communication technologies.

The sector of information and communication technologies is developing very fast and has a great future. The adoption of the National ICT Strategy in 2003 and the subsequent adoption and implementation of the state program on electronic governance gave a major impetus to the development of this sector. In the years of independence billions of dollars were invested in the ICT development in Azerbaijan.

The development of the non-oil sector is a logical continuation of the country`s successful oil policy. For President Ilham Aliyev, diversifying the economy is the key priority.

Q: We would like you to highlight the application of advanced technologies in the country… What does it promise Azerbaijan?

A:On April 2, 2014 President Ilham Aliyev signed an order to approve the “National Strategy for Information Society Development in Azerbaijan for 2014-2020s”. The expansion of opportunities for using ICT and communication services, thecreation of a reliable security system aimed at developing information and communicationtechnologies, the formation of national standards, as well as the launch of totally digitalbroadcasting across the country and the halting of analog broadcasting, and the total useof e-government services will be in the centre of attention as one of the main priorities inthe formation of Azerbaijan as a modern state.

The ensuring of transition to an information society, the establishment of aneconomy based on knowledge with the development of ICT, the expansion of the use ofICT in state and local government bodies, the development of electronic services, thedevelopment of the activities of the National Centre for Electronic Security, fully meetingsociety’s demand for information products and services and the strengthening ofcompetitive and export-oriented ICT potential are priority tasks within the framework of the Azerbaijan-202 Outlook for the Future Development Concept.

The Azerbaijani government is actively working to launch new satellites in the future, and we will get it done. In 2015 and 2016 two more satellites will be put into orbit, and Azerbaijan will have wonderful opportunities for developing its space industry.

Development of information and communication technologies will define and ensure our successful future. The information and communication technologies is both a knowledge, intellectual and a business sphere. The launch of the satellite will help Azerbaijan solve financial issues among others, that is, it will be effective from the economic point of view too. Development of information and communication technologies defines development of every country

Q: We would like you to highlight the achievements of Aztelekom…

A: Aztelecom is playing a crucial role in the development of information and communication technologies. This year alone more than 35,000 broadband devices have been launched in the country. And this means the expansion of the use of broadband services in the regions of the country. All residential areas covered by Aztelecom were provided with telephone lines by installing ATSs. In CIS, Azerbaijan is the first county that fully ensured automation of telephone network.

One of our main priorities is today installing ATS in newly-established residential areas for refugees and IDPs. The company has already started introduction of NGN (Next Generation Network). Such centers already work in Hajigabul, Goygol, Shamkir and other regions.