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Our goal at municipal elections is to ensure the party`s high presence in local self-governance bodies

Interview with  Member of YAP Political Council, chairman of YAP Garadagh District Branch Aydin Huseynov

Q: The New Azerbaijan Party is preparing for December 23 municipal elections. We would like to know your opinion about the elections in general…

A: Azerbaijan is resolutely moving forward on the depth towards democratic development. All democratic and civil society institutions are established in the country. This positively affects all elections in Azerbaijan. Democracy has been the major factor in all elections that have been conducted in the country.

The New Azerbaijan Party is seriously preparing for the forthcoming municipal elections. The institution of municipality is playing an important role in the socio-political life of the country, and this role is growing.

As far as preparations for the municipal elections are concerned, YAP first created its electoral headquarters in cities and districts. We also attach particular importance to involving youth, women and activists in these processes. We established electoral headquarters in more than eighty districts and cities. We also carried out trainings for our representatives,

The Board of Directors of the party appointed its plenipotentiary representatives for the municipal elections. The party has a total of more than two hundred plenipotentiary representatives, with two representatives being responsible for each constituency.

The New Azerbaijan Party is a powerful political force that has no alternatives in Azerbaijan. Our party has emerged victorious in all the elections it attended. This is conditioned by successful policy pursued by President Ilham Aliyev, who ensured the country`s socio-economic prosperity, political stability and development in all areas of life.

Q: The party held All-Republican conferences, which widely discussed recommendations and instructions of YAP`s Executive Secretariat…

A: Speaking at the All-Republican Conference YAP`s Deputy Chairman-Executive Secretary Ali Ahmadov said that our goal at municipal elections is to ensure the party`s high presence in local self-governance bodies. Under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev, Azerbaijan is rapidly developing. Larges-scaled construction and reconstruction activities are underway in all regions of the country. So these factors will play a crucial role in defining the results of these municipal elections too. We strongly believe that YAP will again gain victory in these elections, and will make considerable contribution to the activities of local self-governance bodies.

Q: How is YAP Garadagh District Branch preparing to the elections?

A: I would like to say that some 116,000 people live in Garadagh district, with 67,000 of them being eligible to vote in the municipal elections. Garadagh is one of the largest districts in Baku. There are two constituencies, 54 polling stations and 11 settlements in the district. And there is one municipality in each of these settlements. YAP decided to established 23-man headquarters at Garadagh Branch in connection with the municipal elections. The branch also approved a relevant plan of action.

A total of 121 people will run for posts in municipal elections in our district. Election campaigns have already been launched. Some 46 of these candidates are women, while 67 are young people. Representatives of our district branch are closely involved in the preparation work. They have already distributed relevant brochures and election-related literature among local population. We also conduct regular meetings with members of the election headquarters. These meetings also involve local intellectuals and elders.

Some 10, 658 of local population are refugees. Members of our mobile groups are working with them to promote their awareness of the importance of municipal elections.

Azerbaijan is committed to continuing political, legal and economic reforms. All measures taken by the government serve to ensure sustainable development of the country. At the same time Azerbaijan is a constitutional state, and a democratic electoral system exists in our country. There is a perfect electoral legislation in Azerbaijan, and it completely meets international standards.

Q: You are also deputy chair of YAP Economic Issues Commission. What is economic impact of the municipal elections?

A: The activities of municipalities positively influence on the socio-economic situation in the country. Construction and repair work continues in all regions of the country. New schools, kindergartens, healthcare, sports and social facilities are being built and repaired across the country. Municipalities play an important role in the creation of this infrastructure.

All this is the result of President Ilham Aliyev`s wise socio-economic policy. In 2013, the gross domestic product grew 5.8 percent in 2013, the non-oil sector grew 10 percent. Huge investment is made in the country`s regions, new jobs open, unemployment and poverty is being reduced.